Storyblaster automatically tracks click-throughs from your paid promotion so we can let you know how many people went from your ads to whatever site or page you sell through.

If you would also like to track conversions of how many people then purchased, and the amounts they spent, using a Facebook pixel on your website, please email, and we will send you Pixel installation instructions through Facebook.

Please follow the steps in installing the pixel onto your landing page. Once that is done, specific Facebook Standard Events will need to be tracked on specific pages on your website to be able to track metrics and report on performance. These are a couple of common event examples we recommend.

View Content --> Any specific page that gives users more information (Features, About page, Pricing, FAQ, Product List, Product Page)

Add To Cart --> After someone clicks add to cart and lands on shopping cart page

Initiate Checkout --> When someone lands on place order checkout page

Lead —> When someone completes the Account login/ register page

Add Payment Info —> When someone lands on payment information page

Purchase --> Thank you/Confirmation page (Be sure to add dynamic conversion value to the event)

You can find more info here:

To get more information on how to implement standard events visit:

For information on how to setup currency value visit:

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