It depends on how much you're raising, how big your audience is online, and how relatable your project, product, or organization is. We recommend spending at least $50 a promotion, and doing it once a week during your campaign. So a 30-day campaign would have a minimal budget of $200 (4 X $50), a 40-day $250 (5 X $50), and a 60-day $300 (6 X $50).

With Storyblaster's One-Click Paid promotion, you can see the results of your promotions, and if we're making more for you in contributions than the amount you're spending, keep promoting! Simple as that.

Keep in mind most crowdfunding platforms recommend spending at least $1,500 on paid promotion, and agencies and crowdfunding “experts” will often spend $5,000 or more. Using Storyblaster’s built-in promotion tool will get the best results possible for the lowest cost with $50 being the minimum budget needed to gain contributions.

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