Better. Storyblaster is software that does what an agency does & more, at a fraction of the cost. Storyblaster lets you access the same knowledge, techniques, and data of the very best marketing agencies AND in addition, gives you storytelling guidance. All of these features are available in subscription plans that fit any budget, and just a 15-20% service fee on your promotion spend. Agencies charge $1000s, and up to 35% of your entire crowdfunding raise or a percentage of your product sales. With Storyblaster you keep every penny!

Storyblaster’s built-in ad buying capabilities use high-end agency techniques and proprietary data given to us from our platform partners to drive contributions & sales from inside and outside your network, without any commissions or hidden fees. 

With Storyblaster you are your own digital marketing agency at an unbeatable price. 

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