Your paid ads should have...

  • Minimal, concise copy (125 characters or less)
  • A compelling image or video
  • An intriguing description of your project, product, or event
  • Only one call to action (i.e. "Support us today!" "Pre order now!")
  • A link to your landing page or crowdfunding page

Keep in mind that paid ads reach potential contributors, customers, or people who will follow you and engage with your posts. In addition to reaching your own network, paid ads will show up in the feeds of strangers who will not know anything about your project, product, or event.

Also, Facebook truncates posts and adds a “See More” link once you reach approximately 125 characters. This means your most important information needs to be above their "See More" link.

Even though you select just one post to put money behind, we will put two posts into rotation under the same spend. This ensures targeted audiences won't always see the same ad, and we can also see what's working best and tweak along the way (since we spread paid ads out over several days).

One post should include a short video clip about your project or product, if you have one. If not, then a strong image. The other should just be a link to your landing page or campaign page in the copy. You can then remove/delete the image from the template media area on Storyblaster so Facebook can pull in the hero image from your landing page or campaign page.

Looking for more content ideas? Check out our resources page:

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