Storyblaster automatically tracks click-throughs from your paid ads so we can let you know how many people went from your ads to whatever site or page you sell through.

If you would also like us to track conversions of how many people then purchased, and the amounts they spent, we need you to follow these simple steps to share access:

  • Log into an account with admin access to the Google Analytics tracking whose UA numbers you've placed in your website.
  • Click on the top left of Google Analytics to see all accounts, click the account being used for tracking sales on your website, then the property, then the view.
  • Then on the lower left, click the gears for Admin, under the property column click the second option "User Management," then on the top right click the prominent "+" button to invite to your Google Analytics with "Collaborate" level permissions or higher.
  • Then, in the "VIEW" column (still under admin settings), select "Ecommerce Settings."
  • In the "Enable Ecommerce" section, flip the switch to "ON" (if it's not already).
  • Keep "Enhanced Ecommerce Settings" switched "OFF" (switching this on will prevent conversion tracking data from appearing in your Google Analytics account).
  • Click submit and you're all set!

It may take up to 24 hours for data to start appearing in your Google Analytics account.

Please let us know you've done this by emailing

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